Whether you are thinking about starting a new venture or you have a vision of taking your current business to new levels, the decision of choosing a freelancer or an agency can be very difficult. Both have their pros and cons. During the course of time I, myself, have deliberated which route is best for me as a person. The question is… would you choose to go with an expert organisation or a specialist with passion?

Firstly, you need to sit down and make a list of all the things that you require in your project. Do you require proficiency with a certain CMS such as WordPress? Do you require aggressive and ongoing SEO to find new customers, or is your website mainly for business presence? Do you require e-commerce? Do you need help with your business image/design? Do you need a logo? Do you need bespoke advanced features within your website? The list goes on! Once you have made a list of exactly what you require, and also have a budget in mind, you can decide whether a professional freelancer or an agency will be appropriate for your needs.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Freelancer :



This plays a big part in why choosing a freelancer is the way forward. Professional freelancers have fewer overheads than an agency would and therefore are not as costly. And the differences can be significant. Very significant. A project that an agency may charge upwards of several thousands of pounds, you could find a freelancer with the right skillset and experience that could complete the job at less than half that cost. Keep in mind however, that you can get what you pay for and outsourcing to more than one freelancer can quickly run up a large tab.


 A freelancer has the flexibility to control the way in which they organise their workload. Therefore they are able to schedule around your priorities and needs. This includes working outside the normal working hours to meet your deadlines. Something that an agency may not accommodate without an increase in cost, if at all.


Professional freelancers can most of the time be compared to consultants. The fields that they specialise in, you can be rest assured that they have spent the time and resources to be the best they can within that field. You generally won’t get this kind of tenacity from an employee of an agency. It’s just the nature of the role. You’d have to rely on the agency to manage their employees and deliver your targets, and if agencies have hired sub-standard employees, your project will suffer as a consequence in terms of time-scale and quality. With both freelancers and agencies, always check their portfolios and past clients so you can ensure that their standards meet your requirement.

And then we also have the large field of ‘creativity’. This is such a variable field – you may find that you like the look and style of the work from one freelancer/agency, and not from another. There are some very good freelancers around that have very artistic qualities – you seldom find these people working for agencies. They know their strengths and will be working for themselves on a freelance basis. If you require a lot of creative input, you will be better off searching for a freelancer. You will save on cost and potentially have something very special made for you that an agency may have not been able to do if they didn’t have the creative talent in-house.

My previous clients have found that I offer the perfect balance between the experience of a professional agency, and the proficiency of an accomplished freelancer with a strong background in design. Learn more about what I can offer your business – read more about me.