This blog is personal to me. I have absolutely enjoyed being a freelancer and working with some fantastic clients! Varying between different industry fields I have used my creative skills to enhance many businesses and also gained a great insight into how others work.

I just wanted to share 5 basic freelance principles on how to manage being a freelancer, whether you are considering diving into this field of work or already are a freelancer; if so I am sure you can relate to these points.


5 Basic Freelance Principles

Early Morning Start

It is very important to ensure you are up and on the go and reachable early morning! Businesses usually work from 9am so get a head start and fit in some morning exercise.

Plan Your Day

Make a simple check list, set yourself a daily goal and stick to it. Stay organised and tidy up each night. Make your work space ideal for you; I like to work downstairs with the patio door wide open – get in some air and soak up some sun (depending on the UK weather).

“Me” Time

Shut down on time, don’t overwork the allocated hours. Give yourself regular breaks. Don’t sit all day. Get moving during lunch!

Stay Focused

It’s hard to keep your eyes off social media and WhatsApp! But stay focused and reward yourself with these luxuries once you have completed your daily tasks.  Maybe a spot of shopping or a cheeky Starbucks won’t hurt now and again.

Tools You Need

Most importantly make sure your tools are all updated so you can work efficiently and produce outstanding results. Update your desktop / laptop. Ensure you have the latest version of Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and other software. Read forums and articles on the latest technologies – keep in tune with the industry!