Every platform is different to its own. For instance people use Twitter to see what’s going on around the world. Facebook to keep up with their friends and loved ones. LinkedIn to communicate with professional individuals. Pinterest for inspiration and project planning, such as home décor. Then you have Instagram to share images and visual philosophies. There are so many possibilities waiting out there, but how does each one of these specifically help your business?


Twitter – The Micro-Blogger

A single tweet can contain text, photos, links and even videos. By connecting with your current customers, potential customers, associated brands and influencers Twitter enables you to interact and follow people outside of your network from around the world. This is a fantastic application / tool to start discussions with industry experts.  Use Twitter to post updates and the latest news about your company, products or services. Share a link to the full content of the updates and news.- contact me for more information about how use Twitter.


Instagram – The Visually Inspired

“A picture can speak a Thousand words” – I’m sure we have all heard this cliché before. Instagram is a visual storytelling application / tool, used by many to create conversation through imagery. The power of this can capture the attention of your audience by sharing their story, background and vision.

I must admit I am a bit of an addict when it comes to Instagram. By using this application on a regular basis I have raised my number of followers up to 2,000+ to date. The average ‘likes’ that I receive per post / image has increased by approximately 400%. Social media plays a great part when it comes to business growth. contact me for tips on how to increase your activities on Instagram.


Facebook – The Interactor

Facebook is a very interactive application with buttons for ‘likes’, ‘loves’ and also ‘laughs’. Furthermore you can share posts, reply with comments and carry out discussions with others. An endless application / tool which also allows you to invite people to events, post reminders such as birthdays and forthcoming events, as well as many more tools to help you represent your business in this modern era. Facebook has over 500 million users worldwide so is an obvious choice for networking and interacting with future clients around the world.


So, find what works for you and believe me, once you start snapping some good pictures, sharing, posting and tweeting, you won’t stop! – Happy posting.